The Process of Making
Five Parameters to Spape a Building

The design processes in architecture,urban planning, and related fields areexplained and demystified, starting withfive parameters: grid, function, detail,material, and cost. The art of design is theintegration of these parameters intoa balanced whole. How they work intandem is explained in nine case studiesstemming from different periods, scales,and typologies – that is, from furnitureto private and public buildings throughto urban design. This is an indispensablebook for nonprofessionals and noviceswho wish to participate in the publicdebate on our built environment.

Format / Size 16,5 x 21 cm
416 Seiten / Pages
288 SW-Abbildungen / BW-Images
240 Farbbilder / Color Images
Broschur / Softcover
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Verlag Birkhäuser
ISBN 978-3-0356-1361-2